Q. What exactly does the speed test measure?

Q. Why do the results of my speed test here differ from the results of other speed tests?

Q. Why is there such a discrepancy between download and upload speeds?

Q. What must be installed in my browser to run the speed test?

Q. What if I have more than one computer?

Q.The results I get from the speed tests are higher than I'm seeing on other downloads. Why?

Q.Is all the content on the Internet free?

Q.Can I make telephone calls on the Internet?

Q.Does the Internet support voice and video?

Q.What is TCP/IP?

Q.Is the Internet secure?

Q.What kinds of security are available to Internet users?

Q.Are there software viruses on the Internet?

Q.Can the Internet ever really be secure?

Q.Isn't there a risk that the Internet is growing so fast that the network is becoming congested?

Q.Is the Internet really ready for commerce (transactions, EDI, etc.)?

Q.Isn't the Internet inherently unreliable and unstable? How could I possibly trust the Internet for important business activity?

Q.Isn't the Internet a threat to telephone companies?

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